Namazu/Mailman Support Utilities

Nmzproc is a utility to ease the integration of Namazu with the Mailman list server. It will pre-process Namazu templates, replacing standard Python substitution placeholders with list-specific information drawn from Mailman.

nmz_wrapper.cgi is a wrapper for namazu.cgi which provides several features to enhance the flexibility and usability of namazu.cgi.

See README.nmzproc and README.nmz_wrapper.cgi for instructions on installing and using nmzproc and nmz_wrapper.cgi.

NOTE: The system for integrating Namazu with Mailman offered and described here is under active development. The files in this directory are subject to change on a daily or weekly basis. I can make no guarantees with regard to the consistency, completeness or accuracy of the code or READMEs at this time, however I anticipate that as they mature, they will form a consistent, reliable and well-documented set of utilities and accessories to integrate Namazu into Mailman. Unless noted otherwise, this is alpha software.

Download nmzproc

Download nmz_wrapper.cgi

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Nmzproc is by Lindsay Haisley ( Suggestions and bug reports are welcome. All software is copyrighted under the GNU General Public License, v2, a copy of which can be found on this website.